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here_for_awhile's Journal

There is no such thing as monsters-fans of Lost
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Welcome to here_for_awhile, a community dedicated to the hit ABC series Lost! This is a general community, meaning we support all pairings and are willing to hear all theories regarding to where the show is heading. Once you join, feel free to post an introduction to let everyone know who you are. Have fun!

News-Starting at Episode 16, a community discussion thread will begin immediately following the show.


1. Absolutely no drama. Cmon kids, we love the show, don't get catty.
2. Try and stay on topic, please?
3. If you think your entry may contain a spoiler for our friends who haven't seen it yet, try and put remarks under a cut tag. greatly appreciated.
4. Anything is welcome here-icons, fan fiction (slash or het, i care not), drabbles, and reviews of the show.
5. Fan fiction goes under a cut.
6. More than 3 icons go under a cut.

other than that...have a ball!

your mod-brody_robot

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